Cinematronics Vector Game Emulator for the PC
Version 1.2

Download Emulator

Click here to download the emulator's binaries. This is everything you need to run the emulator, with the exception of the ROMs.


  • Support for all Cinematronics Vector Games -- with the exception of Cosmic Chasm which doesn't use the standard Cinematronics CPU.
  • Mouse support for Tailgunner, Boxing Bugs and Speed Freak.

Lack of Features:

  • Only supports 640 x 350 VGA resolution screen.
  • No sound.
  • No future updates planned.


  • 486-66MHz
  • 640KB RAM
  • VGA adapter w/ 512KB video RAM
  • DOS ver 3.1 or higher

Misc. Compatability Problems:

  • Win95 -Will run under Win 95 as a full screen application with occasional hickups. (586-??Mhz)
  • Win3.1 -Win3.1 hides the hardware timer, so the game runs too slow. (486-66Mhz)
  • WinNT 3.5 -Runs slow possibly for the same reasons Win3.1 runs slow (586-90MHz)
  • WinNT 4.0 -similar to Win3.1


You will need to supply your own ROM images!

(And you won't find them on this site. Sorry!)

Download Emulator Source Code

Click here to download the C++ and Assembly source for the emulator.

To assemble / compile this source code you will need:

  • Borland C++ 3.1 or later
  • Borland Tasm 4.1 or later

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