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Cinematronics Emulator
Now includes source code!

This DOS emulator was written to verify my understanding of the Cinematronics instruction set.

There are Cinematronics emulators available on the web, like Retrocade, that do a much better job of allowing one to play Cinematronics games. But for those of you who are technically inclined, or are just interested in how a emulator works, I now supply the source code to mine.

Cinematronics Assembler
This assembler was written by Chris Moore. (No relation to Zonn.)

Looking to write your own Cinematronics game? Check it out!

Links - www.zektor.com - Home of the ZVG vector generator.
And A few other places I've found very useful.

Cinematronics Technical Information
Information on how the Cinematronics hardware works, including a rewritten Cinematronics Programmers Reference Guide. Updates include a full description of the flag behavior and a new bookmarked PDF format.

Also found here is the original Cinematronics Applications Programming Manual. It has some holes (most notably flag usage), but contains more general theory and many more examples than my own Reference Guide. (Thanks go to Al Kossow for originally scanning and posting this on spies!!)

Something else that might be of interest is a Cinematronics Soundboard Exercisor -- great for debugging a broken board.

Company History
A history written by Bill Paul after interviewing some ex-Cinematronics employees.